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Getting flash drives wet and still using them; YES!

I decided to write this article because I wrote a review on amazon for someone who asked a similar question.

Let me start by saying that there are two main types of memory storage in use today; storage you find on spinning hard drive disks (HDD, the type of hard drives most people think about) and storage created on solid state devices. USB flash drives and the solid state drives (SSD) you find in your computer are both solid state storage devices (meaning they don’t have moving parts).

So now to answer the question, yes you can indeed use a USB flash drive if you get it wet. The issue becomes if it’s plugged in while wet; the voltage and current moving across the wet flash drive will fry it and can possibly damage whatever you have it plugged into. However, you can wait until it’s completely dry and then use it. The way I recommend doing this is to get 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (it could be done with less than 99%, but if you are going this route, do it right). Find a bowl large enough to put your flash drive in and fill the bowl up with the 99% isopropyl. Let it sit for about an hour and remove. Let the flash drive sit overnight after removing, allowing enough time to completely dry out. Plug it in and be amazed.

This will also work with the phones everyone seems to drop in the toilet or swimming pool too often (just make sure to remove the battery first {and SIM card if present}). Think about when one of your friends gets their phone soaked and you come to the rescue as their hero with this simple, easy, and affordable trick (they love you forever and tell everyone else about what you did too).

I always keep large amounts of 99% Iso on hand because I clean and work with a lot of electronics daily, but it has a ton of other uses too. If you are looking for larger than a 16 oz 99% Iso bottle, go with the 16 oz – 3 Pack. If you plan to use it for other purposes too, you can also buy a gallon.

For those who need a huge amount like I do,
5 Gallon Pail of 99+% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol Federal Grade IPA Concentrated

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