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How to save your wet phone!

You’ve gotten your phone wet or your friend is in need of some serious help, how do you save your wet phone? You come to the rescue with this simple, easy, and affordable trick (note side effect: they love you forever and tell everyone else about how quick-witted and intelligent you are).

Note: That is indeed my iPhone in the photo and it did turn on and run afterwards.

1) DO NOT TURN YOUR PHONE ON! If your phone gets wet and you turn it on, the electricity can flow across circuits it wasn’t meant to and potentially cause a short circuit. Again, DO NOT TURN ON YOUR PHONE.
2) Remove the battery immediately (if your phone has a removable battery). If it doesn’t have a removable battery, turn your phone off in as few clicks as possible.
3) Remove any SIM cards and/or SD cards.
4) Dry everything off as much as possible using a towel. DO NOT USE A HAIRDRYER. Applying heat to speed up evaporation in this way can cause severe damage to the components and then your device will really have no chance of recovery.
5) Get a bowl large enough for your phone.
6) Get 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (it could be done with less than 99%, but if you are going this far, do it right).
7) Fill the bowl with the 99% Iso. Let it sit for about an hour or longer and remove.
8) Let your device sit overnight after removing, allowing enough time to completely dry out.
9) Turn it on and be amazed it’s survived this dunking.

I always keep large amounts of 99% Iso on hand because I clean and work with a lot of electronics daily, but it has a ton of other uses too. If you are looking for larger than a 16 oz 99% Iso bottle, go with the 16 oz – 3 Pack. If you plan to use it for other purposes too, you can also buy a gallon.

For those who need a huge amount like I do,
5 Gallon Pail of 99+% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol Federal Grade IPA Concentrated

If you want to know why isopropyl and silica packets work, read part two here! Otherwise, go save that phone!!!

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