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Targeted fat loss, impossible! Or is it?…

Targeted fat loss picture with two crosshairs on belly and a chocolate sandwich in each.

Targeted fat loss, is it possible or not?

I recently answered this question for a reporter who was doing a story (they had asked in particular about losing fat in the face) and thought some others reading this site might also want to know. If you missed it in the featured image, inside the cross-hairs are literally chocolate bars on rolls (because I like to have fun with the images I make).

What is targeted fat loss

Targeted fat loss can be summed up simply as exercising a particular part of the body in order to reduce the amount of fat in that area. For example, an individual wants to slim down their legs and so they do squats. Or, they want to have a flatter stomach so they do endless crunches. This sounds like targeted fat loss would be a great way to lose weight in those areas, except there is a single gigantic caveat. The way the body burns fat does not allow for targeted fat loss to occur.

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How your body burns fat

Fat cells (scientifically, they are called lipid cells) have what are known as beta-2 and alpha-2 receptors. The more beta-2 receptors a fat cell has, the more likely it is to be burned for fuel when the body needs it. Unfortunately, fat cells with more alpha-2 receptors are normally the ones that people want to get rid of most (the love handles, stomach, and thighs).

Not all hope is lost though! As you exercise, the body will begin first to burn wherever and whatever is most efficient and the best way to do this is thankfully not grueling hours of cardio, it’s HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). HIIT involves doing rapid periods of intense activity followed by a much longer rest/recovery period and then repeated. Best of all, HIIT training can be accomplished in an extremely short time frame (you can be in and out of the gym in less than 30 minutes or less).

Targeted fat loss, almost possible?

Ok, now here comes the kicker, although targeted fat loss is not possible, there are ways to help greatly increase the rate at which you lose fat and especially around those troubled areas. There are products available such as yohimbine-HCl (hydrochloride) (this is the one I use) which act as alpha-2 antagonists. This means that the yohimbine-HCl attaches to those alpha-2 receptors on the cells and allow them to more easily be used by the body.
In my opinion though, this “targeted fat loss” only works for those who already have a low bodyfat percentage (approximately 10% for men and 16% for women). The main reason being that your body is still going to use fat cells that are easiest and most efficient to get to first (which are ones with low counts of aplha-2 receptors).

Now with that being said, yohimbine-HCl (hydrochloride) is ridiculously effective at helping to burn fat in general, especially when taken during fasted training (baseline insulin levels). Fasted training is most useful in the mornings before breakfast.

A quick breakdown of the fastest way to lose fat
1) Fasted training in the morning before breakfast.
2) Take yohimbine-HCl (hydrochloride) (serving size is typically 0.2mg per kilogram {2.2lbs} of body-weight) with a glass of water and 3-5 grams (I take 5g) of leucine (a branch chain amino acid largely responsible for muscle building and to prevent muscle breakdown). If you think a couple cups of coffee will kick you in the pants, this will rip them completely off. Take leucine if you are working out in a fasted state.
3) HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

That’s it. Three simple steps. If you want to make the routine more effective, add in EGCG (green tea extract) and caffeine. If you have heart issues or high blood pressure remember to start on the low end to assess tolerance and more up from there.

Notes: The effects of yohimbine-HCl (hydrochloride) is negated by insulin release in the body. Which is why you will exercise in the morning on an empty stomach because when you eat, insulin is released into the body, exactly what we don’t want. The addition of the leucine will curb the increased muscle breakdown that occurs while training in a fasted state and has so little impact on insulin levels that the yohimbine-HCL is still able to function.

I’ve stated this before, Muscle for Life is an amazing resource if you are looking for fitness-related articles. Most important of all, he understands and can explain what he’s talking about. Quite unlike a lot of other individuals in fitness who continually speak on topics they don’t physiologically understand.

Now you know the best and fastest way to lose those pounds. So have fun and accomplish your goals!

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