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Useful fitness-related resources outside of this website

I cannot recommend highly enough Mike Matthews and his website if you are interested in learning about fitness. Mike, unlike many others in the world of fitness actually backs up his articles with linked research papers and accurate information. I would say I agree with about 98% of everything he says. His line of supplements are actually useful (unlike the 80% of things you’ll find at the large vitamin and fitness outlets). I say that about his supplements because he provides what are known as clinically effective doses (the levels of the supplement are the same or above what has been clinically proven to achieve the desired result). The only thing I don’t like about his line of products… he beat me to the punch…
I personally like his pre-workout, Pulse. It’s a little more expensive than some other pre-workouts on the market, but that’s because it’s all natural and uses clinical doses.
He also has a whey protein powder and pre-workout fat burner.
If you decide to look at the reviews too, you’ll notice that all of his products have 4.5-5 stars, so his products are no joke.

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