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Would the real Dollar Shave Club please stand up

If you haven’t seen the viral sensation that is Dollar Shave Club, go check it out now.
Would the real Dollar Shave Club please stand up.

As a quick refresher, Dollar Shave Club offers three tiers of razors; $3 for two blades ($1 per razor and $2 s&h), $6 (includes s&h) for 4 blades, and $9 (includes s&h) for 6 blades and a precision trimmer on the reverse side. They are shipped every month or every other month and also come with replacement cartridges (5 cartridges for the $3 tier and 4 cartridges for the $6/$9 tiers). Hot damn! That is an amazing deal!

However, it led me to wonder… How do they get their razors so cheap; who supplies them? After a brief bit of Google-Fu, I found their supplier is a company called Dorco, and guess what? Dorco also supplies directly to the public. Dorco has a women’s line as well that Dollar Shave Club lacks, but you could use Dollar’s razors for the ladies as well if you wanted.

So let’s do a quick comparison:
To compare apples to apples, I’ll use Dollar Shave Club’s $9 6-bladed razor with precision trimmer and Dorco’s 6-blade with trimmer (personally, I prefer the 6-bladed razor because… why not? I don’t end up using the trimmer on the other side anyway). We’re gonna be working with the cream of the crop here everybody. Dollar provides a handle and 4 replacement razors per month. If you were to buy Dorco’s handle every month ($5.95) and 4 replacement razors ($7.75), the total would be $13.70 a month. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need a new handle every month. In my opinion, that’s just a lot of wasted materials needing to be recycled. I actually have only bought one replacement handle in the past three years. Dorco’s razor cartridges also get cheaper the more you buy and you know you’re going to use them so why not?

To make it easy to see, I’ll run the comparison out a full year:

Dollar Shave Club
$9 per month x 12 months = $108 (includes 12 handles and 48 replacement razors)

$5.95 (1 handle) + $74.40 (48 replacement razors) = $80.35 (a 12 month supply)

So we have a $27.65 savings per year right off the bat using Dorco and the highest number of blades available. O, did I mention that Dorco allows you to give out referral links which save 25% off your order too? Which brings our total down to $60.26 a year or $47.74 less than Dollar Shave Club.

So there you have it, go save yourself some money!

Using the referral link saves you 25% and I receive 5% (the price of your order doesn’t change), and I would greatly appreciate it if you found this article helpful. Also, tell all your friends where you found this article, everybody needs a razor at some point!

Bonus tip: If you rinse your blades with isopropyl alcohol after every use you can significantly extend the life of your blades. One of the reasons your blades become dull is because the moisture rusts the blades, creating a rusted blade that gets stuck on your skin (ouch). Isopropyl alcohol pushes the moisture away from the blade preventing it from rusting and keeping it sharper for you that much longer. If you want to know more about exactly how it works, read How to save your wet phone part 2, understanding how it works!.

Bonus bonus tip: I use 99% isopropyl alcohol after every use and only replace the blade cartridge every 2 or 3 months so I really get amazing life out of mine. To calculate, it costs me approximately $20 a year (that includes the isopropyl and rounding up).

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