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JoliDrive (how to make the most of your free cloud storage)

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What is JoliDrive?

You have multiple free (or paid) cloud accounts like DropBox, Copy, MediaFire and more. Great, but how do you move all your content easily from one to another? Let me introduce JoliDrive! JoliDrive connects all of these services in an easy to use interface that allows transferring of files simplistically between separate providers.

I love the video JoliCloud created and it explains JoliDrive pretty well. So watch the one minute video and we’ll continue from there. JoliCloud is the actual name of the company, JoliDrive is a category specifically for file transfers as opposed to managing your music or social media accounts, but I find it easier to just refer to everything as JoliDrive.

Let’s quickly run through the amount of completely free storage I have.
Box – 10 Gigabytes
Copy – 15 Gigabytes
DropBox – 2 Gigabytes
Google Drive – 15 Gigabytes
MediaFire – 10 Gigabytes
Microsoft OneDrive – 15 Gigabytes

Total – 67 Gigabytes of free storage I can access all from my JoliDrive (this is without doing any of the extras from each provider that can significantly increase your storage capacity).

If you need more storage there are a few other services that can be added that I haven’t listed here. You could also transition to the paid tiers for the listed services or go with the paid version of JoliDrive Pro. The paid version of JoliDrive allows you to add multiples of the same account type (very useful if you have both business and personal accounts you transfer between). JoliDrive Pro also allows you to transfer files between multiple sections (for example, from the music/social media sections into the drive section). JoliDrive Pro is 5 euros a month or 50 euros a year (as of August 15, 2015 that is $5.56/month or $55.55/year).

What to use your storage for?

You may be wondering what to use your storage for, so here is a quick list of suggestions:
1) Encrypted backups of important files (such as a website backup or database)
2) Backups of movies
3) Backups of your music files (you could also create your own personal music streaming cloud doing this with access to your music anywhere so long as you have an internet connection)
4) Use it with a high RAM (Random Access Memory) laptop with no hard drive in it (this would be especially useful for activists and those who are at risk of having their computer compromised at a border). The main reason being, even if your computer is taken, there is no data physically present on the computer at all and so nothing can be retrieved (this is disregarding a cold boot attack or already being connected to your account).
5) For emerging countries with access to limited storage options
6) To increase the storage available on a mobile device

JoliDrive Security

A very quick mention of their security, JoliDrive uses OAuth tokens for security (which is very widespread and common for security). JoliDrive presents these OAUTH tokens to the website instead of sending your username/password every time which helps to increase security. If there are any requests, I would be more than happy to delve into the topic further.

EDIT: Zak Kaufman from JoliCloud’s support team has let me know that JoliDrive was the version of the app circa 2013 and the app is simply Drive now. I however will continue to call it JoliDrive because I like it better. 🙂 Lastly, I was amazed (read: blown away) by the speed of their support team response and have no reservations about contacting them for support if needed. I can only imagine they provide the same superb support with their Pro version (I have a free account currently, but this interaction has removed all doubts about upgrading when I need it).

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JoliDrive (how to make the most of your free cloud storage)

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