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Please pirate my intellectual property (and pay if you want)

Exactly what the page title says “Please pirate my intellectual property (and pay if you want)”. I plan to release all of my content as I produce it in a Pay What You Want (PWYW) format. What that means is that if you found value in it, please pay whatever you feel is appropriate. Also, please “pirate” my content out into the far reaches of the web (I mean torrent, email it, whatever). Again, you have my express permission to upload this content and give it to whoever you want. The value I hope to provide to people is more important to me than any monetary gain, so please share. If you do decide to share, all I request is that you provide information on where it came from so others may gain additional value reading other blog posts or downloading other material. Lastly, if you find a post you like and got some value from, link to it so other people can discover it too. Thanks again and happy “pirating”!

I’ll be including blog posts later on explaining in detail PWYW systems and why I’ve taken this particular viewpoint on “pirating”.

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